Answering the common sex related questions on social media

  • Sometimes I experience bleeding after sex, is it normal? It happens quite often. It can   be a sign of   an infection or cervical polyp, but sometimes it can be a sign of  cervical cancer. sometimes such bleeding turns out to be nothing or even natural from the rough sex or big size penis.   teenage women or pregnant women, notice light bleeding after sex, which is   normal on developmental changes of the cervix.   if it happens once in 10 times I wouldn’t be worried, if it happens all the time- better to get checked

  • Is it normal to experience cramping after intercourse ? Cramping after intercourse can be normal, especially if the cervix— has been jarred at all during sex. try emptying your bladder before and after sex to reduce cramping.   if you experience  cramping after sex every time, it’s best to see your doctor  and check on  conditions like endometriosis, fibroids or a urinary tract infection.
  • I frequently experience pain during intercourse, its not intense though, is it normal? Its more common than you think. Many women have pain during sex because of many reasons like certain positions,  or  certain times of the menstrual cycle. Sometime it happens because we cant relax the muscles when we have sex with a new partner or if something  bothers us mentally. If you  have pain during intercourse  together with  other symptoms like vaginal discharge,   discomfort with urination, you should see your doctor

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