BJ Pro Tips

Blow job,  giving head, going down: whatever you call it, every penis needs it.   BJ is an art, so if you wanna be on the top of that and make him be crazy about you, here there are some ideas:

Add some fun:

Maple Syrup/Chocolate Syrup/Cream – All of these   work   well in combination with bj because they taste great, AND they provide a different but very enjoyable sensation in your mouth.  Add some syrup and Make your bj taste like a dessert.

Ice Cubes/Ice Cream – even though for some its hard to imagine cold sensations incorporated in bj, temperature play is something that can really switch things up! Or you can alternate ice cubes with warm cholocate syrup!

Use spit in excess.

Use your breath.

Practice breathing while his dick is in your mouth and slowly get comfortable doing so. You should never forget to breath in order not to lose pace and feel comfortable. Another good idea is to blow how air on the head of his lubed up penis, it feels nice and teasing

Prostate Pleasure – Another trick is penetrating him about 2 inches deep with your finger and stimulating his prostate (aka the male G Spot).

Use deep throat spray to avoid gagging reflex when you wanna take his penis a bit deeper. Those sprays are sold at any adult store or online, they decrease your sensitivity and allow you to perform deep throat without a fear of throwing up.

Twist your head . Twisting your head as you come up to do what often called the corkscrew, which can provide an excellent sensation. It provides intense stimulation, especially when you do it toward the tip of the penis while holding the base firmly, forcing the blood into the penis, making it quite sensitive..

Move the tongue in circles.

moving your tongue in circles around the head of the penis very quickly is a perfect trick when you need some time to rest and switch things up

Spell the alphabet.

Spelling the alphabet with your tongue is a classic oral sex tip, but for a good reason: It works. Lets see how many letters it takes !

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