Career of sex educator

We have reached 2k subs meaning it’s the time to introduce myself properly, so this video is not about bj or hj but about me as a person Usually when I meet ppl for the first time they  ask me about  what I do for living, its always very funny to see their reaction. Many of them become very uncomfortable and embarrassed while some are very excited and amazed! Especially On the dates  the moment I say this- It blows guys mind. SO   people ask me  the same question over and over again :  why you decided to start a career in this field? SO in this video I will tell you about my past how I started this career, how I moved to US from Russia, my path wasn’t an easy one but you always have a choice to remain where you belong  or get out of your comfort zone and  build your life the way you want. I wanna share with you how I got there and why I want to do this for the rest of my life and maybe my story will become an example for people who are not happy where they are.

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