Casual Dating Tips

Casual dating can sometimes lead to a serious relationship and can be one of the early stages of a relationship. But in other situations, people choose to keep things casual because they specifically don’t want anything more than that.

So here there are some essential tips for successful casual dating:

Tell your partners exactly what you want from the relationship.

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with yourself about why you’re pursuing this kind of relationship, especially if you’re monogamist . Not everyone may align with your definition of casual dating, and that’s OK.

Communicate if things aren’t going as planned. This is casual, so you don’t have to pretend like its ok if its not, but your partner will never guess until you say about it loudly

Set boundaries and stick to them . I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but if you’re seeing someone 3+ times a week and leaving a toothbrush at their place, you’ve bypassed the casual dating. Give yourself a routine: for example seeing each other 1 time per week or book a  certain day.

Don’t make future plans beyond a few days.

See other people. If you’re dating one person exclusively, no matter how casual you want to keep things, they can’t stay that way for long,  add a little diversity to  maintain a safe distance from one person.

Go Out. When you are casually dating, make sure you actually go out on dates. See a movie, eat at a restaurant, play pool or go to the bar. A casual dating relationship is all about enjoying new experiences with someone new in your life.

Keep it off social media You don’t know what else is going on in your partner’s dating life and you don’t wanna make anyone confused or misled.

Make sure you are on the same page about sex. All your sexual desires you can address here as well- that’s the idea of this relationship, if there is something you wanna try in bed or if there is something you don’t wanna do, be straight forward about it.

Keep chatting to a minimum.  Text them when you want to make plans, but don’t text them about whats going on in your life, for this we have friends

Avoid people from your circle. Casual dating works best if you’re with someone who’s easy to cut ties with

Personal favors are a no-go. That means you call someone else when you plan to move or need someone to watch your cat while you’re out of town.

Don’t take them as your plus one. Go solo to the events and be open to new opportunities


Introduce them to friends only in very specific scenarios. You don’t have to hide these people, but you should be pretty selective about who you introduce them to  .

Refrain from visiting your regular spots with them. Places  where you go with friends, or by yourself quite often.  you should definitely NOT bring someone to those if you don’t plan anything long term.


Take health precautions. It’s always wise to take steps to stay on top of your sexual health, whether you’re dating seriously or casually. If you’re casually dating and having sex, get in the habit of using condoms and other barrier methods.

No jealousy.If you happen to see on social media that your casual date is seeing other people, you need to be cool with it. The same is true for them with your dating life.

Don’t say that you love this person. It’s very easy to feel attracted to someone you’re having sex with and spending time often. If you feel like saying ‘I love you’ because they make you feel so good, hold that thought.  Love is not sex and sex is not love.

Respect each other. Casual dating is not in any way should be associated with  a lack of respect for each other. It is important to treat your casual partner with the same respect and kindness you’d treat any other individual.

Don’t ghost . Casual doesn’t mean insignificant.  Dropping a partner without a word is not only rude and unkind, but it can also cause a lot of stress and confusion.

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