FAQ: Sex related Instagram Questions

If I enjoy butt play, does that mean I’m gay?

It means that you simply enjoy anal play nothing more or nothing less! Even during  digital rectal exam that is a part of a prostate cancer screening,  there is a a good chance men would get an erection during this procedure. Why? Because the male G-spot is right by the prostate gland, and the easiest way to stimulate the prostate gland is by inserting something into the anus. pleasure from  inseting something in your butt doesn’t say anything about your sexual orientation.   Being gay is an orientation when you find men attractive. Liking a finger or a plug in your butt doesn’t change who you’re attracted to

Do my weird sexual fantasies mean there’s something wrong with me?

People tend to judge themselves for what turns them on because of religious upbringing and social taboos .   for most people, fantasies are  just  fantasies,  . Just because you   enjoy thinking about  erotic scenario in your head doesn’t mean they have an interest in acting on it in real life.  if the fantasies are being used to spice up sex  with the partner, there  is no issue . If  the fantasies   are actually preferred over the partner and partners desires , this might be something to discuss with a sex therapist.

Am I masturbating too much?

Any frequency — whether it’s every day once a week, occasional or almost never — is OK as long as you are satisfied ! Unfortunately,   shame around masturbation has led many of us to be   uncomfortable, about masturbation,  But there’s nothing wrong with masturbating multiple times a day . if your masturbation habits have begun to interfere with your day-to-day life that might be a problem, but as long as you get shit done masturbate as much as you want and can.  Besides feeling good, masturbation can improve our sleep, decrease our stress levels and improve your sensitivity and ability to achieve orgasm.

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