Titan From Kiiroo Interactive masturbator review

Hi, today video is a review of new product from Kiiroo the leading brand of interactive toys based in Amsterdam that keeps surprising the world with their technologies!Titan male masturbator by Kiiroo takes masturbation fun to the next level. What could be better than a blowjob on demand? The Titan is a unique male masturbator because it can be connected to the app FeelConnect, FeelPerformer y FeelVR . The technology enables  long-distance control meaning partners can play with each other even when they are in different countries , connecting  to interactive videos meaning you can feel the same sensations that you see in a porn video and also webcam interactive feature for people working in webcam business.


The toy is a cylinder with a shell made from ABS plastic while the inner sleeve is made from Real Feel brand TPE. It has nine bullet vibrating motors for maximum pleasure. sleeve has 3 strings and in each string there 3 bullets total 9 bullets , these bullets vibrate and simulate the up and down movement.   The Titan looks nice and sleek; it has a beautiful black design and will feel smooth in your hand.It is  small and compact it was compared to some other masturbators, its easy to carry around or  hide it somewhere in your room.


If you love connecting things to your phone,   this toy will be  even more enjoyable. The Bluetooth connect helps  with a bit of hands-free action if you want to use the toy solo and control modes and intensities from your phone using feelconnect app.  Titan   can be operated interactively from anywhere in the world, making it an essential  item for users in long distance relationships. your partner can take control of your toy and bring you to orgasm no matter where you are via the app. How to connect website is in a description.  If both you and your partner have a Kiiroo products, you can connect with the FeelTech app.As long as the user and   the user’s partner’s Kiiroo devices are connected via Bluetooth or their app, “FeelTech,”  control of the user’s intensity and vibration patterns can be transferred so you feel the same frequencies as your partner. For those who want to use the titan  for self pleasure,  the toy can easily be paired with many accessible media options. You can pick up a video on porn website in category interactive and sync your toy to the video in 2d and feel the same things you see in the video.   if you wanna feel at all, get a VR gogles and go to FeelMe.com for VR porn and porn games. To enjoy the VR experience with the Kiiroo Titan, you need to connect the vibrator to a VR headset compatible with your smartphone.It’s not compatible with Oculus headsets like the Oculus Go, but it will be compatible with any smartphone-based headset. You will need to install the FeelConnect app and connect your vibrator via Bluetooth to connect to videos.  You can then browse VR content on the website and buy premium VR videos. The Kiiroo  offers an additional benefit compared to other erotic toys in that it connects to VR porn, I am sure this is something you couldn’t even imagine. I am sure this is the future of sex toys, the world went digital and Kiiroo together with it! you can experience high- quality adult videos filmed in 180 and 360-degrees with 3D stereoscopic views or even play a VR porn game.  Once you connect to your favorite porn with VR connection, the titan+ toy will relay the exact motions in the video to your penis so you get a  real-time reality experience. But this is not all. They have an additional feauture for webcam models. Webcam business is growing so fast and for webcam performers titan  can bring some extra profit! Just sync your toy to camming platform and get tipped for giving control of your toy to the fans! They will be very excited and you will make some extra money investing only 100 usd in the product

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