Truth about War in Ukraine told by my ex lover

The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that has shocked all civilized world with  thousands of civilians killed in 1 month and dozens of towns and cities across Ukraine are destroyed. I am sharing with you my new video that is quite different from my usual sex related content because its what matter right now .

This is something that should bother everyone no matter where you live because the democracy is under a big threat and all people who want to live in a democratic society should be aware. if you share the democratic values, its our time to speak up and fight for freedom that Putin wants to take away from us taking us back 100 years ago. For the past month I have been in a very bad place seeing things that I read in history books in school live on TV. Its a crime against humanity and it should have never happened in 21st century.  In this video I am sharing with you a story of my ex lover from 10 years ago who was interconnected with the Ukraine Russia conflict   back in 2014.  It all started in 2014. Russia-backed separatists declared independence from Kyiv in 2014. Since then Russian control over parts of the Donbas region has grown. In spring 2014, the administrations of several urban centers were occupied and police stations were stormed to seize weapons. Russian citizens with apparent links to the Russian secret services were the driving force. Right now Hitler of 21 century Mr Putin claims he is saving Russian speaking ppl from nazis in Ukraine, in this video I am sharing the truth that my ex  told me  about how the whole conflict between separatists and Ukrainians was created by Russian military to start the war.  This tragic story needs to be known because there is so much misinformation and   I hope sharing his story will bring me some piece of mind and will make some people who had not followed politics closely until this started understand what’s happening if they still haven’t shaped their opinions about the recent events. Share this information, educate people who are not aware, donate to Ukrainian red cross. If the whole world steps up against this, we can make a difference.

Throwing of bombs from airplanes is no advancement of civilization from primitive practice of dropping stones on the heads of enemies from the top of the hills. Stop the war. Time for awakening and action.

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