Yoga benefits for sexual health

We all know that yoga has many benefits. Not only does yoga boast amazing stress-relieving qualities, it can also help you lose weight, improve your digestion, and even reprogram your DNA.  While you might come to the mat to find your Zen, the benefits of yoga are even better than we thought. It may not seem obvious but  spending time on the yoga mat can enhance your sex life.  It turns out that yoga can improve your sex life in more ways than one so lets find out how:

Yoga Relaxes the Body and Mind. Men have sex to relax their mind and they can orgasm in most cases, but for  women to enjoy sex and be able to reach orgasm they must be relaxed while having sex. For women orgasm is interconnected with their mental state, that’s why when you are depressed or stressed your libido is at its lowest lows.

Yoga Helps Reduce Premature Ejaculation. Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common male sexual dysfunction affecting around 30% of a male population . yoga appears to be a feasible, safe, effective, and acceptable nonpharmacological option for PE.

Strengthening pelvic muscles

Yoga postures develop control of pelvic resulting in better contraction. When working on standing positions that force you to support your own body weight, you’re increasing the strength of your sphincter muscle and the muscle that controls your urination. So instead of kegel exercises with kegel balls, yoga can give you the same results without buying kegels.


You can finally live in the moment. Sometimes being present during sex is harder than it seems. A huge part of practicing yoga is being mindful of your body in each moment , as soon as you learn it, you can apply this to your sex and take your sex life to new heights.

Boosts your self esteem. Working out not only gives you feel good energy, but boosts your self esteem —and in turn, your sex life. Thanks to a regular yoga practice, you can feel slimmer, more fit, and overall a lot more confident in your body.

Boosts energy levels . Apparently, 6 in 10 Americans crave sleep more than sex. It turns out, doing yoga regularly works wonders for your energy levels and also helps you sleep better at night, which could be just what your sexual appetite needs.

Less painful periods . Using yoga for menstrual cramps is an effective pain-relief strategy. First, think about the areas of your body that typically experience pain from cramping—your belly, pelvis, hips, and lower back. These areas can be targeted for pain relief through certain yoga poses.

Hormonal regulation . Yoga practices improve sexual desire and overall reproductive health by improving hormonal secretion, improving age-related decline in testosterone levels, reproductive behaviour, mood and also by reducing anxiety and stress

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